My paintings tell stories drawn from everyday life


I was born in Stettler, Alberta in 1940 and I was raised on a farm and attended a one-room schoolhouse. After leaving school, I did a carpentry apprenticeship and spent most of my working life in construction related occupations. I lived in various places in B.C. but moved permanently to Drumheller in 1998 and began painting seriously. My subjects range from my neighbour’s apple tree to the coffee shops and plazas in New Orleans.

I have always had a love of painting.  My paintings reflect the good old days with a touch of nostalgia. I try to make my paintings reflect our culture. My work seems to have a charm that is readily apparent to viewers. Because I live in the badlands, my paintings are predominantly earth tones with a splash of color. I am self-taught; as a result my work is often naïve. I like this as it goes well with the earth tones and the good old day’s theme. I want my paintings to evoke a smile and that my viewers are visually and internally pleased. My work usually tells a story drawn from day to day life. I am pleased with my art and I get great joy from my paintings. This keeps my passion for painting alive and well.

Most mornings I can’t wait to finish showering and brushing my teeth so I can start painting.